The Explorations.


Entered through Preston Hall.  Found boiler room unlocked, and found adjoining boiler room for Martin.  Accessed tunnels from a ladder leading down from boiler room in Martin.  Proceeded down tunnel until it led off to the right or to the left.  Took the left tunnel, noticed at one point it branched off to the right, but continued straight.  Noted a short drainage pipe leading above ground above the tunnel, but again continued straight.  Eventually, the tunnel headed to the left and ended at a locked gate, not allowing access to the Boiler House.

Turned around, headed back to the initial fork out of Preston, and took the right tunnel this time.  After a while, it turns right, and there is a visible grate above.  Shortly after, it branches to the left and straight.  Took the straight path, but came across standing water and did not wish to cross it.  Turned around and took the latest-mentioned branch, which shortly branched to the left and straight.  Took the left tunnel, which led to the boiler room of Whitt.  Exited through Whitt.


Entered the tunnels via the grate near the Boiler House, and took the first left into a new tunnel.  This tunnel branches to the right and straight, with a grate above.  Took the right path, which led to the boiler room of Porterfield.  Turned around and took the other path at that last intersection, which led to the boiler room of Powell.

Turned around and headed back to the main tunnel initially entered.  Turned right, opposite the direction entered from, and continued up and to the right, passing the tunnel which had taken me to Whitt in Exp#1 and eventually found an intersection with tunnels leading to the right, straight, and left  with a grate above.  Turned around and backtracked to the tunnel leading to Whitt.

Took this tunnel straight, instead of turning left to go to Whitt.  Reach an intersection branching straight and left with a grate above, and took the left tunnel.  This tunnel winded around, and branched off to the left to the boiler room of Floyd, and then to the right to the boiler room of Dalton.  After discovering this, turned around, backtracked, and exited through Porterfield.


Entered the tunnels via the grate near the Boiler House, and returned to the tunnel where it branches off to Dalton.  Instead, headed straight and found that it branched left to a new portion of the tunnel, then under construction.  Continued straight and to the right, where it winded back and forth, passed under another grate, and ended up in the boiler room of Waldron.  Backtracked, and exited through the construction.


Entered the tunnels through Porterfield and proceeded to the part where it branches off toward Whitt, Floyd, Dalton, etc., but continued straight.  At the four-way intersection, took the right route and ended up at a ladder leading up to plywood obstructing the way into the boiler room of McConnell.  Turned around and took the straight route at the four-way intersection.  This tunnel was pretty long, and eventually ended up in the boiler room of Muse.  Turned around to take the last route at the four-way intersection.

This tunnel came to an intersection under a grate with passages leading straight and left.  The straight tunnel led to the boiler room of Tyler, so backtracked and took the left route.  This tunnel kept branching to the left and right frequently.  It first branched to the left to the boiler room of Jefferson, then branched to the right to a crawlspace underneath Norwood.  It then branched to the left to the boiler room of Madison, then continued for a while without breaks.  Eventually it turned right, then intersected a tunnel on the left under a grate.  The left route supposedly leads under Moffett Quad.  The straight tunnel shortly ended at the boiler room of Washington.  Exited at Washington.

    To Be Continued...